BAGUIO CITY, PHILIPPINES – The first ever food truck park in Baguio City will open on January 27, Friday. Called the Calle Uno Food Hub, it features a unique set-up in outdoor dining because these are not your ordinary food trucks. The food trucks are actually old Volkswagen beetles that have been refitted and repurposed. The food hub is located in the quadrangle of Calle Uno Coworking Space, on Escoda Street (formerly First Road), Quezon Hill.

Pilipinas Popcorn shares what is in store for diners when the Calle Uno Food Hub opens on January 27 at 8:00 a.m.

Good Eats At Calle Uno Food Hub – A Preview

According to Calle Uno Managing Director Ace Estrada, the food hub may very well be the first food truck park that makes use of Volkswagen beetles and Kombis in the Philippines and possibly even in Asia. Aside from serving up good food, the trucks will also make for gorgeous and interesting Instagrammable selfies and groufies.

The food hub will have six food outlets, each serving their own brand of delectable treats. There is newcomer Munchiez, which will be housed in the blue and white VW food truck and will serve mini-steaks.

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