Food trends in Nashville are, as the Who would sing, “going mobile.” (Mo-byle? Mo-beel? Moh-bull?) It seem like we’re always blogging about the latest food cart, truck or trailer that has hit the road. Dana shares another scoop, Philadelphia cheesesteaks on wheels, in today’s Food Biz column in The City Paper.

(Owners Jennifer Zungolo and Christopher Eddis are Philly-area natives who named their venture Labor of Love Mobile Food. Check them on Facebook here or call 397-5396. They have a regular gig 11 a.m to 2 p.m. Wednesday through Friday in the United Methodist Publishing parking lot at Eighth Avenue and Clark, and they’re looking for more spots to visit. Not only do they offer cheesesteaks on authentic Philadelphia rolls, they do a mean meatball sub and their own Italian water ices made from real fruit.)

Despite our frequent reports on mobile food, I don’t think we’ve even mentioned The Latin Wagon,Tin Can Treats, Barbie Burgers or the rumored dumpling cart that is supposed to be in the planning stages.

I have to admit that it’s been hard to keep up. Luckily in this age of specialization, an industrious and so far anonymous blogger has taken it upon him or herself to aggregate all the info on Nashville’s food trucks at his or her blog. Yes, it’s named Nashville Food Trucks, but don’t rag on the obvious name: There’s a reason I found it at the top of my Google search. (And the search for “bites blog” returned 28,000,000-plus results. We’re the top one, though!)

Find the entire article <here>