PHILADELPHIA, PA – FIVE chef-on-wheels wannabes stood in a Community College of Philadelphia driveway on 18th Street near Spring Garden, listening to Josh Kim, owner of SPOT Gourmet Burgers, Steaks & Pork, preach his food-cart gospel.

“I’m taking money from you and you’re going to put something that I make in your mouth,” Kim told them.

“This is the most intricate transaction you can do, other than . . . ” he said, waiting for the laugh and getting it.

Kim was a recent guest lecturer in chef John Olsen’s “Introduction to Food Truck Entrepreneurship” course at CCP, the first college program of its kind in Pennsylvania.

Olsen is a down-to-earth South Philly guy from 5th and Ritner who has loved cooking since spending his teen years helping the head chef at Riverfront Restaurant & Dinner Theatre, on Delaware Avenue.

After years as a country-club chef in Chester and Delaware counties, Olsen began teaching culinary arts at CCP and at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and loved it.

“I came from a tough neighborhood in South Philly,” Olsen said. “A chef took me under his wing and made a difference in my life, so I want to give back. I want my students to follow their passion.”

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