pittsfield ma

PITTSFIELD, MA – Some business owners in Pittsfield have complained food trucks are have been blocking their store fronts from customers who may be driving through the downtown area this summer.

Joe Mele has been running the New Berry Place on North Street for three years now. He says he’s invested into the city of Pittsfield for quite some time, having owned two businesses  downtown. But this summer he says he’s been running into some problems with food truck vendors setting up right in front of his store.

“Competition is great and that’s not a problem, but they have the advantage, where we don’t in terms of cost, flexibility,” Mele says. “For them to take away our customers, it’s not a fair way to do it.

Ernie Jordan, a hot dog street vendor who has been running his cart since 1989, also says he’s run into issues with the food truck vendors.

Business owners say this hasn’t been an issue until this summer. They say there needs to be an equal playing field.

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