Plano Texas MapPLANO, TX — The City Council on Monday voted to allow food truck parks in Plano.

The parks have grown popular across North Texas in recent years, but Plano’s zoning code restricted them. The unanimous council decision permits food trucks to have a permanent presence.

At least two groups interested in opening parks were turned away before the change, city officials have said.

They said at least one property owner still has interest in opening a park. It’s not immediately clear who that is or where the property is located.

To be approved, food truck parks must have parking available and be at least 150 feet from residential districts.

The rules restricting the parks were written before food trucks became a popular way for food vendors to get their start. In the past, the trucks were considered nuisances. Now, they offer vendors a cheaper alternative to brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Under the old rules, trucks were limited to operating in the city for only 45 days per year. They came in for special events and were occasionally invited to set up at Plano schools. Those activities will still be allowed under the new rules.

“We are not trying to regulate when a food truck pulls up on the street or when several trucks come to

[school] campuses on certain days,” planning director Phyllis Jarrell said.

Some city officials had anticipated complaints from restaurants that might consider food trucks unwelcome competition. But that opposition never materialized. No one spoke against the change at a public hearing.

Monday’s decision is the third time in just over a year that the city has loosened food regulations that vendors had argued were too onerous.

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