PLANT CITY, FL – The City Commission voted July 10 to loosen the regulations regarding food trucks in the area.

In the past, the operation of a food truck was limited to three consecutive days over a 90-day period. Commissioners said they felt this restricted the number of trucks available in the city and began working on changing the policy after a local food truck operator had requested the rule be reexamined.

“This is better than what we have now by a long shot,” Lott said. “When you read it I can see why a truck wouldn’t want to come here, and I think what you were looking for was a compromise, and I see that.”

Regulations vary from city to city with restrictions ranging from an outright ban to a nearly free reign. After reviewing other jurisdictions laws and examining the need in Plant City, the new regulation was written to allow a food truck to set up shop once every seven days from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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