NEW ORLEANS, LA – New Orleans food trucks have it easy. Even in the dead of winter, the temperature here rarely drops below freezing. Imagine running a food truck in Chicago.

Sam Barron, a 2005 Tulane graduate, and Sarah Weitz don’t have to imagine. Two years ago, the couple launched their Fat Shallot sandwich truck in the Windy City.

“We were in Chicago last winter with the truck,” Weitz said. “It was pretty awful.”

This year, they’re migrating South for a few months to New Orleans, where they lived together for a year around 2010.

Their truck features sandwiches like pulled pork with pickled jalapeños, a BLT on challah toast and a chicken banh mi.

“We do recognizable classic sandwiches with a gourmet twist to make them memorable,” Barron said.

With the help of La Cocinita’s Rachel Billow, a childhood friend of Weitz, they’re looking for events around New Orleans where they can park their Fat Shallot truck.

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