LEXINGTON, KY – Lexington city leaders are looking into expanding where food trucks can conduct business.  A city council committee reviewed a proposal Tuesday to allow food trucks in professional office zones around the community.

Division of Planning Director Chris King says proximity to neighborhoods should be considered.  “The only thing that does give me pause is that a lot of times P-1 are very close to residential and were set up and agreed to by neighborhoods as a step down buffer and if a food truck came in running a generator, generating smells, they might not be happy,” said King.

The Planning Committee took no action on the matter.  Committee member Steve Kay suggests tighter restrictions if the office center is situated near residential areas.  “Make an accessory use, except where the adjacency between the applicant and a residential area is x and we can figure out what that is  and that is a conditional use, so they would have to let the neighbors know, if they’re residential,” said Kay.

Food trucks are allowed to do business in selected downtown areas during specific times.  ?The committee will revisit the issue.

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