strike 3 umpireWASHINGTON DC – In early October, Josh Saltzman and Trent Allen pulled their PORC truck off the streets after assessing just how hard the government shutdown was hitting the food truck industry. The barbecue vendor hasn’t been seen in the District since.

Today, Saltzman confirmed the obvious: PORC is toast.

“I love that truck but at the same time, it’s a pain in the butt,” says Saltzman, who launched PORC in January 2011. “It’s definitely not a decision we liked making.”

The truck was the odd business out for Saltzman and Allen, who are partners in the Kangaroo Boxing Club bricks-and-mortar spinoff, which is preparing for a major expansion next year. In February or March, the barbecue joint on 11th Street NW will begin construction to add a rooftop deck and covered second-floor dining room, more than doubling its current indoor seating capacity of 40. Saltzman expects KBC to shut down briefly during construction.

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