We typically suggest that food truck owners stay away from jumping into national politics since it can easily discriminate against half of your targeted market. A new Portland food cart owner  used a Donald Trump pinata to help publicize his cart’s grand opening.

PORTLAND, OR – The owner of a new food cart in Portland, Oregon, had quite the hit on his hands after he chose to incorporate an unusual pinata into the opening festivities for his mobile restaurant.

Little kids and adults alike lined up to take turns at whacking the paper-mache effigy of 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, which they claimed to be doing in order to “promote peace” and “fight hate.”

One little kid even yelled out “I want to kill him!” when it was his turn to hit the Trump piñata.

The pinata, which became a hit south of the border over the summer after the billionaire businessman made several controversial comments about Mexican immigrants during his June 16th announcement speech, was on a stage in front of a banner that read El Diablito (little devil).

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