softshell-crab-burger euro trash food cart portlandPORTLAND, OR – It should be no surprise that a Portland food cart menu item is listed on Foder’s recent list of 12 “Must Eat” World Street Food Dishes list. Along side dishes such as Currywurst from Germany and Fried Tarantulas from Cambodia, the soft shell crab burger from the EuroTrash cart made their favorites list. Here is the write up from Lawrence Ferber:

Portland’s “food pod” scene is the mothership of still-spreading food truck culture, with hundreds of amazing port-a-kitchens serving everything from Chinese dumplings to salmon chowder. An “Americanized spin on European street food,” the EuroTrash cart is beloved for its fried Spanish anchovies (aka Fishy Chips), fresh potato chips with chorizo, cilantro, and curry aioli, and their signature Soft Shell Crab Burger, an addictive tempura-battered creation on a toasted bun with a dollop of spicy mayo-yogurt.

Where to Get it:EuroTrash at Downtown’s SW 10th & Washington or the Good Food Here pod on SE 43rd & Belmont.

Find the entire list on <here>