Cartlandia_PortlandPORTLAND, OR – Several food cart owners at the ‘Cartlandia’ pod on Southeast 82nd Avenue said they were suddenly evicted, with only a three-day notice.

The lot’s owner said the four food carts had to be out by August 1.

“Saturday we came down and opened, and then every cart in this row got a notice that they weren’t being renewed,” said John Nashlund of Kusina Sa Gklong.

“At least do the right thing and give us a 30-day and say, you know, ‘We’re going to renew your lease,’ or, ‘You’ve got 30 days to get out,’ and that’s fine,” said Jason Moreno of J-Mo’s Sandwich Shack.

But property owner Roger Goldingay said it was simply a business decision he had to make.

“There is no notice in the agreement,” he said. “The lease was expiring at the end of the month. It’s a one-year lease.”

“They’re parked in a parking spot—they’re on wheels,” he added. “It’s part of the nature of food carts that they can pull out and go away.”

As of Monday night, three of the four food carts had found new locations, but they weren’t sure business would be as good elsewhere. And the customers at Cartlandia were sad to see them go.

“It’s kind of like an icon, so it’s kind of weird that they’re closing them down,” said customer Nick Urben.

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