PORTSMOUTH, NH – The City Council is expected to hold a work session in November to talk about the idea of allowing more food trucks to operate in the city.

Deputy City Manager Nancy Colbert Puff wrote a three-page report about the issue after City Councilor Rebecca Perkins raised the idea during a recent council meeting.

“I essentially heard from a lot of residents this summer that it would be lovely to have even more outdoor eating places because they’re wonderful and there’s interest in just looking at our food truck program, especially in light of the success Dover has had recently with seeing a lot more food trucks downtown,” Perkins said.

City Councilor Josh Cyr asked for “some sort of follow up” to the report at last week’s City Council meeting.

One option, Cyr said, could be to potentially update the city ordinances to “streamline” the process for food truck vendors to be allowed to operate in Portsmouth.

City Manager John Bohenko then suggested he could talk to Mayor Jack Blalock to schedule a work session in November on food trucks and possibly one or two other issues.

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