RENO, NV – We’re seeing more mobile food trucks around Reno these days.

The trucks dish out quick meals to people outside bars and businesses. It’s a convenience for most, but these restaurants on wheels are now getting a few complaints.

GourMelt Reno Food truck

Food truck and restaurant owners aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye, and Reno City Council is considering some regulation changes.

“This is America. We should be able to compete with restaurant owners,” says Joe Horn, co-owner of Dish Cafe.

Horn invested $150,000 into a brand new mobile food truck just last week. But now, those plans could be halted.

New proposed restrictions would essentially keep all food trucks out of downtown, and only allow them to do business between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Trucks would also only be allowed to stay in one location up to two hours.

They wouldn’t be allowed to set up shop within 300 feet of other businesses either, eliminating a downtown presence.

“There’s literally a restaurant within 300 feet of almost every area of downtown,” says Horn.

Gourmelt mobile food truck would feel the effects of these possible changes as well. Co-owner Jessie Watnes says the rule changes would cut business by one third.

“This is our livelihood now,” she says. “To think, after only seven months, we could be shut down. It’s scary and sad.”

She says most businesses have no problem with Gourmelt selling food right outside their building, and says Gourmelt is respectful of nearby restaurants.

“We don’t like to park really close to other restaurants, out of courtesy.”

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