RALEIGH, NC – Shortly after 2:30pm, Raleigh City Council members John Odom and Thomas Crowder cast the only two opposing votes on the new food truck laws, with the proposed agenda items from the August 30th meeting passing 6-2.

The suggested 1am curfew was not accepted, allowing food trucks to operate until 3am, the same time as vendor carts have been accustomed to.

The annual fee for trucks was set at $125 and $75 for the property owner permit at $75. Both permits must be in place for food trucks to operate legally.

The 100 feet buffer between a restaurant, food truck, and/or residential dwelling stayed in effectm, with a curfew of 10pm for any trucks doing business in single- or two-family residential areas.

The new laws will be in affect beginning October 1st.

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