RAPID CITY, SD – The relaxed atmosphere surrounding the burgeoning food truck industry in Rapid City may soon come to an end, at least when the popular mobile food vendors serve their tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches in city parks.

A permitting process for food trucks operating on city property was proposed at the city Public Works Committee meeting on Tuesday.

A proposed ordinance would amend park city regulations by adding new language to incorporate food trucks into park vending regulations, including the creation of a permitting process. Currently, there are no Parks and Recreation Department rules or regulations to deal with food trucks.

“It has been a real gray area and something that we wanted to address for a while,” said Parks and Recreation director Jeff Biegler.

In the proposed ordinance, food trucks would be required to apply for permits from the Parks and Recreation Department at least 60 days prior to operating. Vendors would report the specific city park where they hope to operate, the types of food and drink to be sold, evidence of compliance with state food service licensing requirements, the time frame in months and days of the proposed operations and the hours of operation.

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