Episode 3 of The Great Food Truck Race brought 5 contestants closer to their dream of owning their very own food truck, unfortunately, that means that one of the teams was sent home packing…who could it have been?


The show started with the trucks traveling from Tucson, AZ to Austin, TX with hopes of making it through the tough road ahead.

The remaining 6 teams to take part of episode three of The Great Food Truck Race season 5 teams are (with Twitter accounts):

Beach Cruiser (Venice, CA)
Let There Be Bacon (Cleveland)
Lone Star Chuck Wagon (Houston)
Madres Mexican Meals (Norwalk, CA)
Middle Feast (Los Angeles)
Military Moms (Fort Drum, NY)

This week the teams headed to Austin with the Beach Cruiser truck desperately wanting to take this Texas town as a little payback to the Lone Star Chuck Wagon to flip the tables as LSCW took Venice Beach by storm.

On the trip, the Military Moms felt a little apprehension leaving Tucson due to the fact they felt there was a smaller military presence in Austin.


When the teams meet with Chef Tyler Florence and mentioned how popular food trucks were in town, but gave the trucks a bit of advantage by letting them open up their menus more than they have been yet on this season’s adventure.

He dug deep into his pockets and handed out $250 in seed money, but in a little twist, each team had to drop their keys into a bucket. This week’s spin on the business side was that they must each work with another team. Since Lone Star won last episode they got to choose their partner… Military Moms. Let There Be Bacon selected Middle Feast which left Beach Cruiser to partner with Madres Mexican Meals. While each team had to work side by side (truck by truck) with their partner, each truck was responsible for their own sales.

Once they began shopping Middle Feast stated that they had to cut down on the time it took to prep their food so that they could serve more meals faster. Madres Mexican Meals took a little longer shopping than the other teams so their partner Beach Cruiser helped them get the shopping done quicker.

The teams locate their spots and get prepping. Beach Cruiser and Madres park at a bar, however…no one is there at midday. The other teams seem to be doing well.


Tyler calls the teams with their first Speed Bump. He informs them that they will be headed to a Match.com speed dating event and they are the exclusive food for the event. The daters are supplied with $25 chips for their meals, so no matter what the teams sell their dishes for, they will get that chip for their till.

Beach Cruiser takes advantage and starts working the crowd as soon as they arrive. Madres handed out free samples, which is helped draw a crowd. Lone Star used a different approach by offering a combo deal, and thus giving the diners a chance to try all of their food. Bacon serenaded the crowd with their bacon jingle from last week and the Military Moms aren’t selling much and want to head out, but the folks at Lone Star said no.

Once the Match.com event has ended the trucks head back into the city to track down the Austin crowd. Let There Be Bacon and Middle Feast get a prime spot near a gelato festival. The other trucks have a more difficult time finding customers. Lone Star and Military Moms talk about moving, but Military Moms suggest they stay in place since the rush is due to arrive. Unfortunately…the crowd never shows up.


Day 2 arrives and Let There Be Bacon and Middle Feast head back to the festival and secure exclusive rights to sell there. Beach Cruiser and Madres show up later and speak with someone else to get their own rights to operate at the festival.


Tyler calls the teams to inform them that the latest speed bump is a Truck Stop Truck Swap. In this challenge they must swap trucks and sell their partners food. The money made selling their partners food will go into their own tills. Team that makes the most gets $500, second place team gets $250 and third place is $100.

The teams learn about each other’s menus and head over to their new kitchen. Beach Cruiser loves that everyone wants Mexican food, while every other team has their struggles such as Tommy from Middle Feast having to sell bacon. After a few hours of selling the partner menus, Chef Florence announces the challenge is over and the teams can head back to their own trucks to finish the day out.

Austin is a struggle for most teams, but Military Moms and Lone Star Chuck Wagon seem to have the toughest time.


  • Winner ($500) – Let There Be Bacon
  • Second ($250) – Beach Cruiser
  • Third – Tie ($100) – Military Moms
  • Third – Tie ($100) – Middle Feast

In the final hours The Gourmet Grads close up early baffling most of the other trucks, while others stay open long enough to sell their final products.

With the teams lined up to get the results from Tyler Florence he announces their totals. With only $11,000 in totals (6K less than less week):

  • Beach Cruisers: $2,808 ($250 from truck stop contest)
  • Middle Feast: $2,247 ($100 from truck stop contest)
  • Let There Be Bacon: $2,175 ($500 from truck stop contest)
  • Lone Star Chuck Wagon: $1,724
  • Madres Mexican Meals: $???
  • Military Moms: $???  ($100 from truck stop contest)

Ultimately only $6 separated the two bottom trucks. Unfortunately because of the amount of time they spent arguing and not marketing their truck with the addition of closing early on day 2 the Military Moms were sent packing. On a side note, the show will donate the equivalent of their earnings this week to the Wounded Warrior Project

Next week’s stop? Oklahoma City, OK.

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