Episode 4 of The Great Food Truck Race brought 4 contestants closer to their dream of owning their very own food truck, unfortunately, that means that one of the teams was sent home packing…who could it have been?


The show started with the trucks traveling from Austin, TX to Oklahoma City, OK with hopes of making it through the weekend.

The remaining 5 teams to take part of episode four of The Great Food Truck Race season 5 teams are (with Twitter accounts):

Beach Cruiser (Venice, CA)
Let There Be Bacon (Cleveland)
Lone Star Chuck Wagon (Houston)
Madres Mexican Meals (Norwalk, CA)
Middle Feast (Los Angeles)

On the trip to Oklahoma City the Beach Cruisers started discussing tossing in some fried food items on their menu to ramp up their chances of winning two weeks in a row. Lone Star Chuck Wagon felt good enough about their approach so far that they plan to stick with it. With Madres Mexican Meals coming so close to elimination, they choose to re-examine everything.

Tyler Florence meets the teams and explains that this week will center around timing…from prep work to how fast tickets get out. The teams will need to add a steak item to their menu, and to help them Chef Florence gives each group $400 of seed money.


The teams rush to the store to stock up. Let There Be Bacon gets crazy and goes over their limit by over $100. This causes them a delay to put back any unnecessary items they had already selected. Middle Feast saw the error of their way last week and speeds through their shopping and is able to get out of the store in 14 minutes.

Each of the trucks did some early research on hot spots in OKC. All of them come up with Bricktown, so they all head there to set up shop. Once they start parking they realize that the competition is right there with them on the same street. With the clock ticking, each of the trucks attempt to cut down their prep time but since they have parked, their lines start to grow as some lose patience and move on.


Out of the blue Chef Florence calls the groups to inform them of the first speed bump in OKC. He had been watching their prepping and as a secret speed bump, her was going to let the first team to finish their prep and make their first sale continue selling. The remaining teams would need to wait to start in the order they finished in 15 minute increments. Madres Mexican Meals was the winner and was able to keep on truckin.

15 minutes passes and Lone Star  get the call to proceed. 15 more minutes and Middle Feast is released. Let There Be Bacon gets the next call and Beach Cruiser sits back as they are held back for a total of 1 hour behind Madres.

Madres sees the foot traffic slow down, so they head to an area race track to track down customers. Middle Feast takes a page from Lone Star (last week) and starts selling a combo deal. Beach Cruiser heads to Midtown and Let There Be Bacon seems to be knocking it out with the announcement that they had just closed their 200th ticket.


While the teams are out selling, Tyler calls and it is time for the Truck Stop cooking challenge. Because Oklahoma City is famous for their “fried onion burger,” and the challenge is about timing the task is to learn how to prepare the burger from scratch, do the prep work, and then sell 50 of this OKC favorite. The first place team will get $500 and second place gets $250…nothing for anyone else.

Each group is given enough meat for the burgers and a meat grinder. Unfortunately for Madres, they left the fat on the beef when they started grinding which resulted in the grinding taking forever. The other teams start selling burgers.

Lone Star struggled with a lack of foot traffic at the sporting goods store they parked at so they move in an attempt to raise their sales total. Beach Cruiser seems to have no problems with this challenge and is the first team to sell all 50 of their burgers. Middle Feast calls in next after selling their 50. When Let There Be Bacon sells theirs, they are told they ended up in third place and thus would not be getting any till bonus. As the clock ticks, 8:30 the two remaining trucks get a call from Tyler to inform them that since they had not sold their 50 burgers, they would have to pack it up for the day and hope for the best.


  • Winner ($500) – Beach Cruiser
  • Second ($250) – Middle Feast

With the teams lined up to get the results from Tyler Florence he announces their totals. With a whopping $24,000 in totals (13K more than last week):

  • Middle Feast: $6,220 ($250 from truck stop contest)
  • Beach Cruisers: $5,580 ($500 from truck stop contest)
  • Let There Be Bacon: $5,072
  • Lone Star Chuck Wagon: $4,646
  • Madres Mexican Meals: $???

With the results in, it means that Madres Mexican Meals had the lowest amount this week and thus were eliminated from the race!

Next week’s stop? St. Louis, MO.!!!

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