RICHMOND, VA – In an effort to help local businesses, the Washington Redskins Training Camp will now allow food trucks to set up nearby. But many of the owners aren’t happy with the deal. 

SMG, the company that oversees the camp, is charging each food truck $2,500 just to park there and that’s a deal breaker for a lot of local vendors. 

The Boka truck is one of Richmond’s most recognizable food trucks, yet owner Patrick Harris says he’s not sure he’ll roll up to redskins camp. 

“It’s something that am I gonna make that risky investment? I’m not sure.”

Harris says asking for a $2,500 deposit is too much for most local trucks. Plus, the trucks would be located outside the camp grounds on Leigh Street and required to be there from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. at night for 15 days.

Ice cream truck owner Steve Rosser says that time requirement was the deal breaker for him. 

“To staff and have a food truck there in the morning just didn’t make economic sense to us,” he says.

SMG says they established the fee saying it’s fair and the Mayor’s Office says they need to collect money to pay the city’s $500,000 annual requirement to the redskins. 

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