regina canadaREGINA, CANADA – Rob Reinhardt hasn’t decided if he is going to operate his food truck this season in downtown Regina if the city’s proposed fee increase for a permit is approved.

Reinhardt, owner of Prairie Smoke and Spice, thinks the overall cost of $1,775 for operating downtown is too high and could reduce the number of vendors at the City Square Plaza this summer.

“I’m not thrilled about it,” he said.

Today, the city’s public works committee will discuss the proposed changes. Last year, food vendors could pay $500 for a mobile licence to operate across the city at parking meters and an additional $600 for access to the plaza.

The proposed $1,775 overall cost includes $1,400 for a city permit, $250 for membership with the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District and $125 for an annual SaskPower gas system inspection.

The $1,400 city permit includes a $700 annual permit fee, $600 for parking, electrical service and maintenance at the plaza and $100 for 100 hours at parking meters, according to a city report. The report explains that the $1,400 flat fee will “incentivize vendor attendance, especially in the downtown to maximize their investment.”

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