RENO, NV – How about a side of grits with that?

Customers ordering a burger with everything on it aren’t used to hearing that at most northern Nevada eateries, which is what helps set Mount Mogrit Gourmet food truck apart.

Mount Mogrit Gourmet

“A lot don’t know what grits are, some say they don’t like them and I say humor me and try it,” says Brad Stocking, owner of the Reno-based business. “These are flavored more than traditional grits.”

Stocking, who debuted his food truck in September at the Reno Balloon Races, serves three homemade flavors of grits —rosemary cheddar, spinach mozzarella and pepper Jack — and is working on a fourth he calls sweet potato and Gruyere. All are made from recipes Stocking concocted and with polenta, a finely-grained cornmeal, rather than the typical hominy or corn.

“I like to say, ‘It’s creamy goodness like you’ve never had before,’” says Stocking.

Besides the specialty grits, Mount Mogrit’s menu includes burgers, and tri-tip, chicken and pork, all offered as a sandwich, wrap or salad and marinated in one of three sauces — teriyaki, rosemary mustard or Cajun ginger — created by Stocking and made from scratch.

“Both my wife and I love to cook,” says Stocking. “I’ve always barbecued and I pride myself on not drying out the meat, on doing a nice piece of meat that is still juicy and not like shoe leather.”

Stocking got the idea for Mount Mogrit after getting laid off from Sierra Nevada Corp. in August 2011 and deciding he was finished working for other people. He talked it over with his wife Karen and two children, Christine and Matthew, who work on the truck at special events and in their spare time.

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