RENTON, WA – Thieves took off with a food truck and trailer this week in Renton, and with it they stole a man’s livelihood.

It’s a bright red barbecue trailer pulled by a white truck with the name KC Deez BBQ on the side.

“That’s me: KC Deez,” said owner De Davis. “I was born and raised in Kansas City.”

Davis loves to BBQ and has been smoking meats since he was a little kid.

“All the men in our family are cooks. Mostly learned barbecuing from my dad,” he said.

Davis just got his specially-made trailer and smoker two years ago, and it has quickly become a favorite in the area of Rainer and 4th in Renton.

But now it’s gone. Davis said someone took the truck and trailer sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

“That’s horrible. That’s a man’s livelihood,” said regular customer Robert Clifton.

Customers showed up Thursday looking to buy Deez BBQ for lunch, only to find out the truck was gone.

“I think it’s a horrible thing. I miss the food because it was good, pretty darn good,” said David Cameron.

But the question is why would someone steal something so recognizable?

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