Riverside_County_ca_sealRIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA – regulatory framework that would allow food trucks to operate more freely in Riverside County could get a public hearing in December.

On Tuesday, Nov. 26, the county Board of Supervisors will consider scheduling a Dec. 10 hearing for a series of changes to the county’s food truck rules. The board will not vote on the plan Tuesday but could take action after the hearing.

Since taking office in January, Supervisor Kevin Jeffries has led an effort to “free the food trucks,” as he puts it. Currently, food trucks can operate in the county only as part of a special event. There are exceptions for vendors selling prepackaged food, hot dogs, coffee or similar items.

Other Southern California counties give mobile food vendors greater latitude. Jeffries argues that food trucks offer a diverse array of gourmet cuisine to the public, and he contends that allowing them to operate more freely will give a boost to small businesses.

Skeptics worry about how the county will enforce food safety rules for trucks that don’t stay in one place. Another criticism is that food trucks offer unfair competition for brick-and-mortar restaurants that have higher overhead costs.

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