le-petite-poutine rochesterROCHESTER,  NY – The City of Rochester has given the food trucks the green light to serve downtown. City Council voted yes to a pilot program for the business owners during its meeting at City Hall.

“We’re really a different kind of food truck, I think. Previously, food trucks were thought of as festivals you crank it out, that’s it,” said Veronica McClive.

It’s a growing business McClive takes pride in being a part of.

“We want to be on the street. We want be doing lunches dinners and breakfast, just like a restaurant but on wheels.”

She owns Le Petit Poutine. It’s one of about 25 food truck owners in Rochester and she is happy that city council is opening up its downtown to their business.

“We are happy that the city is opening a conversation with us so we are excited that progress is being made. It sounds like councilmembers are generally favorable and excited about trucks.”

Tuesday night, council members approved a pilot program for the food trucks to set up shop in three different locations downtown. They include include State Street and Morrie Silver Way, Andrews and Front Street, and Broad Street and South Avenue.

“I suppose in some respects, we are a little behind the game, because most major cities have already developed a policy and regulations for food truck vending, particularly in their center cities,” said councilmember Carolee Conklin.

Food truck owners say the downside is there’s only room for six food trucks: two at each location, first come first serve.

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