ROCHESTER, NY – Food trucks would be able to more easily serve customers outside downtown and the port area under new rules that City Council is expected to vote on next month.

The proposed legislation would loosen some current limitations on where food trucks can set up. They are now allowed in 12 locations downtown and on a site-by-site basis elsewhere.

Under a new section of city code, food trucks could set up in most legal parking spots in non-residential areas. The city would continue to tightly regulate where, when and for how long vendors could set up downtown, and would have stricter rules around the Port of Rochester as well.

City Councilwoman Carolee Conklin, who has worked on Rochester’s food truck program since it began in 2013, said the legislation takes several important steps to make sure food trucks are safe, sanitary and aren’t selling in residential neighborhoods that don’t want them.

Trucks would be barred from setting up within 100 feet of residential zoning districts, and the same buffer would apply to sidewalk seating areas for restaurants. Vendors also would need to buy at least $1 million in insurance coverage — up from the current requirement of $100,000.

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