While this is great news on the surface, not only will we not hold our breath until it’s in it’s finalized, but if you dig a little deeper, it appears to be an ordinance that lets lawmakers hedge their bets. It’s always great to see cities change laws which give food trucks more access to parking, but buffer zones and the use of pilot programs makes us wonder how they will pivot in the next year. We will keep an eye on this story and let you how it progresses.

ROCHESTER, MN – It’s taken months to figure out, but Rochester is on the brink of allowing food trucks onto public property downtown.

Their arrival will end months of behind-the-scenes wrangling that began last summer when city officials kicked a food truck off a church parking lot a week after it opened — city ordinances banned it from public property.

A draft ordinance expected to be addressed at the City Council’s May 2 meeting would allow food trucks onto public property downtown within approved zones. Outside of downtown, the trucks would have to respect a 150-foot buffer zone around established restaurants.

The City Council twice this month reviewed the draft ordinance before electing to kick the issue into its next meeting.

Council Member Michael Wojcik said this summer’s plan will likely be a pilot, one the city can revisit in the fall. Most of his constituents want to see the food trucks roll into town, he said.

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