The Food Trucks Are Coming, The Food Trucks Are Coming!!! So proclaims Rochester restaurant owner Jeff Eastman. Of course he also says publicly that he isn’t against food trucks, “per se”, but at the same time claims that food trucks hold an unfair against restaurants. He also threw in that if food trucks are authorized downtown that restaurants will close and restaurant workers will lose jobs. I’m sorry Mr. Eastman, but you are wrong and unless you can come up with evidence that restaurants close when food trucks enter a market, you are just pumping out typical lies.

ROCHESTER, MN – If Rochester does welcome food trucks in downtown, local restaurants want the ordinance to be crafted to be as fair as possible.

“I don’t think anybody is really against the food trucks, per se. But what kind of impact will they have on downtown businesses? The biggest problem comes from the fact that Rochester is not Minneapolis and it is not New York,” said restaurateur Jeff Eastman.

Eastman, who owns Salad Brothers in the Shops at University Square mall, is urging people from the more than 50 downtown eateries to attend tonight’s public hearing at the Rochester City Council meeting about food trucks. He created and distributed a pamphlet titled “Food Truck Invasion” to attract people representing downtown restaurants to share their side of this issue.


Eastman points out that restaurants pay a lot to operate in downtown. His concern is that if food trucks are not properly regulated some of those businesses will close and cost workers their jobs.

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