ROCHESTER, NY – There is no denying, a quick lunch from a food truck can really hit the spot. The Bento Box has set up shop in downtown Rochester for a couple of months. They say business is good.

“We work hard, everybody works hard to be where they are at. So, we’re just trying to make a living and trying to make some money,” said Mike Siharath of the Bento Box.

People who cook their food inside buildings have a problem with the food trucks.

Mikie Nash owns Cravings on Main, a small breakfast and lunch cafe in the Cascade District. Summer is Nash’s busy time, but this summer is different.

“I attribute that a lot to having a very strange weather summer and also I attribute it to the food trucks being around the corner from me,” said Nash.

A food truck parked near Nash’s business can make or break her day.

“On a given day, they can affect me $125 to $200, which I cannot afford to have happen,” added Nash.

Nash is teaming up with other downtown restaurant owners to let the city know their concerns. She gathered 400 signatures from restaurant owners and workers to show city council not everyone is welcoming food trucks.

Nash isn’t against competition in her neighborhood. She wants more restaurants and retail, just not on wheels.

“They pull up and they take our customers and then they leave,” said Nash.

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