Roy Choi LA

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Kogi BBQ co-founder Roy Choi wrote a blog post earlier this week that has the online world stunned or swooning. In it, he questions the meaning of life, reminisces about the LA Riots, declares that he will no longer consume meat, says he is thinking about leaving cooking, and calls out to Jamie Oliver himself. Direct quotes from Choi:

“I’ve been going through some deep shit this week. Butterfly block party. I’ve been thinking about leaving cooking for awhile. I can’t find meaning anymore.”

“I stopped eating meat this week. That’s why I’m thinking about leaving cooking. How can I cook with out using meat? I will taste, for now as that is my profession. But I will no longer eat meat for my own consumption. Animals be talking to me. They told me..stop. Stop, Roy. Please.”

“Are we supposed to put our faith in this man Jamie Oliver? A Brit? If so, then if anyone who reads this tell him to holla at me. Really. I can’t get to him. Tell him come see me, no PR, no publicist, no barriers. We can sit on the curb and join forces.”

Chef Choi is working on a memoir that will be published by Anthony Bourdain’s new imprint at Ecco Books.