GLENDALE, CA – In a move that should surprise no one, chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson have taken their “fast food” restaurant Locol, which they opened in Watts in January, and put it on wheels. The Locol food truck opened for service this morning.

When asked why a food truck, Patterson, who was sitting on a curb near the truck, parked outside KPCC in Pasadena, smiled and said: “You’ve met my partner, right?”

Patterson’s partner, of course, is the man who more than anyone is responsible for the reinvention of the food truck in Los Angeles and beyond, with his fleet of Kogi BBQ trucks. The silver Locol truck is just the first, depending on how things go.

“It gets us to more places and feeds more people,” said Patterson, who with Choi has also opened a Locol in Oakland, and has another opening next month in San Francisco and one coming to the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles in the spring.

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