truck_farm sacramentoSACRAMENTO, CA – Sacramento’s enthusiasm for food trucks is on display every time long lines greet them at festivals. As they should, city officials are trying to welcome them as part of the growing food scene.

The appetizing proposal that is gathering the most momentum now is to allow “pods” of four or five food trucks to set up on private property in certain areas of the city, daily or perhaps just on weekends. Potential locations haven’t been determined, but there’s talk of one in Oak Park near UC Davis Medical Center. The pods would be similar to those in places such as Portland, though smaller.

Tuesday, the City Council’s Law and Legislation Committee gave its go-ahead to draft an ordinance that would classify food trucks on private property as “outdoor markets” under the city’s revamped zoning code.

A vendor association managing the pod would have to seek a permit. The city could attach conditions to fend off fly-by-night operators and to address neighborhood concerns, including traffic, noise and parking. For instance, the city could require nearby bathrooms, ban alcohol sales, and determine lighting and screening. A final ordinance would go before the Planning and Design Commission and full City Council later this year.

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