SACRAMENTO, CA – A dozen Sacramento food truck vendors were cooking for a cause, serving their finest food Sunday for one of the area’s most popular playgrounds.


They were cooking good food for a good cause. “Hopefully every truck will sell out. So it will be good for everybody,” a volunteer said.

SactoMoFo brought together these food trucks. “It feels awesome to do what we can to pitch in,” said one volunteer.

They are raising money to help rebuild a section of the McKinley Park wooden playground that was burned down over the summer. “Once all the expenses are covered, anything that is incurred today is going to go to the park,” said one truck owner.

But there’s a lot of heart behind this too.

Joan Jordan has fond memories of her childhood in that neighborhood. “I was raised there. I went to the library, learned how to swim there, tap dancing when I was a kid,” said Jordan. Those memories have been carried through generations.

“It’s such an epic part of the community. It’s at the center of what makes Sacramento so cool.”

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