SALEM, MA – With conversations about food trucks getting traction around the state, Salem officials are now getting in on the chatter as well.

The City Council’s “Community and Economic Development” committee voted unanimously Wednesday night to create a separate ad-hoc committee investigating the idea of food trucks in Salem.

What that involves remains up in the air, but the conversation follows limited exercises in food truck theory-crafting around the Witch City that city leaders and residents have celebrated as successes. That includes a food truck festival that opened last year’s October festivities, during which 25 trucks from all over the region took over Salem Common for a weekend.

The conversation is being launched by Ward 5 City Councilor Josh Turiel.

“I have my own vision for how I think we can work and allow food trucks to operate in Salem,” Turiel said. “What I’d like to see is food trucks used to some extent as an economic development tool and make some of our neighborhoods a little more viable, and bring action and life out to the streets.”

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