SALT LAKE CITY, UT – A couple who started a food truck two years ago are shutting down, saying business is dwindling due to the large number of trucks entering the mobile food scene.

Magna residents Kym and Troy, owners of “A Guy and His Wife Grilled Cheese Truck,” were optimistic when they started their food truck two years ago.

“There was no grilled cheese trucks in Salt Lake, we were the original,” Kym said.

Back then, their trade was a novelty, and it was proving to be a promising business venture.

“I’m thinking we were probably close to being one of the top three in Salt Lake, I’m guessing, you know, because it’s a very popular truck,” Troy said.

But, once people caught wind of the lucrative world of food trucks, more people started their own businesses. And, pretty soon, Kym and Troy say the food truck scene exploded and has become crowded and competitive.

“Right now, I think there’s about 110 in Salt Lake,” Troy said. “And, at Salt Lake County Health Department, there’s about 160 of them in line, so by next summer you’re probably figuring about 300 of them, right around 300 trucks, right here in Salt Lake.”

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