Food truck owners are still running into problems in cities where food truck regulations have been approved and the people of community have welcomed mobile vendors with open arms. In cities like Salt lake City, the growth in popularity of food trucks has attracted many to apply for business licences, but because of this many are waiting on governmental bureaucracy to review their plans, and vehicles for months.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT –Robert Schmidt, a veteran in the process of reinventing himself at the age of 62, decided to take a leap of faith.

Schmidt wanted to open a food cart. He would build the cart himself, park it on Main Street, load it up with gourmet bread and meats and call it City Streets Gourmet.

So, last February, Schmidt applied for a license from the Salt Lake County Health Department.

He didn’t hear back for eight months.

“I was so frustrated,” Schmidt said. “I was mad. The lack of regard drives me nuts, because we’re putting our all into this whole thing.”

A boom in the food truck industry has brought new revenue and a fresh vibe to downtown Salt Lake City. But delays and outdated approval processes at the health department are putting the chill on an emerging market, entrepreneurs say.

As of late January, 117 people were on a waitlist seeking inspections for the trucks or carts, according to records provided by the department. That results in monthslong delays and in some cases, loss of the business, business owners said.

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