San Antonio Food TrucksSAN ANTONIO, TX – A few short years ago, you could count local food trucks on one hand. Now, a growing number have taken to the streets, serving everything from sushi to homemade pizza to gourmet sandwiches.

As food truck numbers have increased, some owners have even formed an organization to promote mobile kitchens.

“I’d like for people to embrace food trucks,” said Keith Hill, owner and chef of food truck K-Hill BBQ Co. and executive director of the San Antonio Food Truck Association (SAFTA). “If you give them a chance, you’ll probably like them.”

SAFTA, which was launched in December by Hill and Rickshaw Stop’s Sameer Siddiqui, aims to unify food truck owners in a common cause, bringing “professionalism and credibility to the mobile food industry in San Antonio.”

SAFTA already has 35 members. Not only does the group push for ordinances that allow for more food truck activity in the city, it also posts events and locations of local food trucks. For more information, go to

Food truck parks are also on the rise in San Antonio.

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