SAN ANTONIO, TX – A pair of food truck owners, with Louisiana flavor and roots, say they are keeping one eye on their truck and another on Hurricane Isaac as many of their family members are in the path of the storm.

Lagiappe Today

Joseph and Suzanne Jackson serve up Louisiana comfort food like crawfish etouffee out of their food truck “Lagiappe Today.” The Jacksons are hoping for comfort for their family in Louisiana.

“We have family connections in New Orleans but also in Generette, New Iberia. My nieces and nephews are in Lafayette and also Lake Charles,” said Joseph Jackson. “We had a family reunion this past weekend so I had a chance to spend some time with them and they were concerned about the storm.”

The storm made landfall as a category 1 hurricane, which provided a little bit of relief to the Jacksons.

“This is not their first time at the rodeo, so they certainly know what to do and hunker down and get all the provisions that they need,” said Jackson, who has been in contact with family members daily since last weekend.

Down the road, Pieter Sypesten creates more unique dishes with a Louisiana flavor. His little sister lives on Lake Pontchartrain in part of the rebuilt area after the levees broke because of Hurricane Katrina.

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