SAN ANTONIO, TX – Four San Antonio food truck owners fought the law and won.

Mobile food vendors can now park within 300 feet of their brick-and-mortar competitors without having to get written permission to operate.

After hearing from Metropolitan Health District’s Interim Director Vincent Nathan and Deputy City Manager Erik Walsh, San Antonio’s City Council removed Section 13-63(a)(10) from the city code. San Antonio’s city attorney called a lawsuit regarding the 300-foot rule “not defensible.”

“The repeal of the 300-foot ban is long overdue, and I am glad that our lawsuit forced the city to do the right thing,” Ricardo Quintanilla said in a news release. The Tacos el Regio #2 owner can now focus on running his business instead of worrying about getting shut down if another restaurant opens nearby.

Food truck operators no longer face fines of up to $2,000 per offense. They also can’t be asked to relocate unless they pose a safety hazard or commit a traffic violation.

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