todd gloria san diegoSAN DIEGO, CA – Interim Mayor Todd Gloria provided an update on the proposed regulation for food trucks yesterday.

The I-Mayor also spun what he called misconceptions circulated online.

Misconception: The proposal would limit food trucks from parking within 500 feet of restaurants.

  • Spin: There is no 500 foot separation distance that would be required from restaurants, nor is there any other limitation in the ordinance that would require a specific separation distance between mobile food trucks and restaurants.

Misconception: The proposal would ban food trucks in Gaslamp, Little Italy, and portions of Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, La Jolla, and around San Diego’s universities.

  • Spin: There is no ban of mobile food trucks included in the proposed ordinance. Instead, the City has identified appropriate zones and locations to allow mobile food trucks by right; and locations where food trucks need minimal staff review in order to limit the time, place, and manner of operations to minimize potential conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles.

Misconception: The proposed ordinance is anti-competitive and discriminatory and enforces rules on food trucks that do not apply to other businesses in adjacent areas.

  • Spin: The intent of the ordinance is a fair approach to protect public health, safety and welfare while providing for mobile food truck operations on private property and in the public right-of-way. No permit or limitations would apply to food truck operations in industrial zones, on the property of schools, universities, hospitals, or religious facilities, service to construction sites, or private catering.

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