While over regulation and politicians are the major stumbling blocks for food truck cities, the next big item on that list is a lack of commissaries/commercial shared-use kitchens. This is a big step for this community because if it wants to continue to grow, there needs to be a place for new food trucks to operate from.

SANTA ANA, CA – A full-service food truck terminal with commissary amenities could soon be up and running in Santa Ana if City Council members on Tuesday approve a conditional use permit for the operator.

Arafat Abdelkarim, representing the OC Food Truck Company, has requested a permit for the terminal at 2419 S. Broadway, within a light industrial district.

The 0.12-acre site could accommodate about 43 commercial vending trucks and an existing industrial building would serve as a food commissary and prep and cleaning area, according a report by city planning staff.

Constructed in 1986, the site had previously been occupied by food vending businesses but a new conditional use permit is required for the food truck terminal to operate because it was vacant for a year.

There are four sites in Santa Ana used as commissaries for produce and truck terminals.

“After careful review of the application, the Planning Division determined that these commercial (food) vehicles are similar in nature to the vehicles stored at freight, bus, or truck terminals,” the planning report states. “Furthermore, the proposed site has been used as a truck terminal and has the infrastructure necessary for this type of operation.”

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