SANTA ANA, CA – In one block of West Bishop Street between South Flower and South Shelton streets – a stretch that includes Lowell Elementary School – four self-proclaimed “produce” trucks sat open for business on a recent afternoon, catering to the afterschool crowd.

The items most students, as well as young children accompanied by their mothers, were buying weren’t apples and lettuce, however, but rather soda and processed snacks such as Takis, spicy-hot rolled corn tortilla chips.

One truck offered five types of toy guns.

“You can see what the biggest seller is – the junk food,” Hector Espinoza, 54, who lives a quarter-mile away, said Thursday. “We don’t eat off the trucks and we don’t want our kids to.”

Espinoza walked the block along with a half-dozen other Santa Ana residents and Councilman Jose Solorio, pointing out health and safety hazards they say food trucks have been posing for years. The community members hope Solorio will be joined by other council members Tuesday in adopting an ordinance that would place new regulations on mobile food vending vehicles.

The City Council held a public hearing on the matter Feb. 7 and continued the item to Tuesday, when another hearing will be held.

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