The city of Santa Clara has sent out information for Bay Area Mobile Food Vendors who want to operate in the city during the up coming Super Bowl 50. It’s nice to see the city is looking out for vendors and their customers. 

SANTA CLARA, CA – On February 7, 2016, Super Bowl 50 is coming to Santa Clara County.  If you plan on getting in on the action by providing food service to any of the anticipated 1 million visitors to the Bay Area, the Department of Environmental Health is here to help tackle all your food safety concerns as you prepare for the big game.

Some things to consider as you prepare for kick-off:

• Using your facility at its maximum capacity for the big game and the time leading up to it will present unique challenges.  Make sure your operation is able to accommodate peak demand while maintaining high food safety standards.

• With well over 1 million visitors expected for Super Bowl 50, it is critical that all food employees maintain the highest level of food safety.  Of greatest concern is the prevention of foodborne illness from pathogenic organisms such as Norovirus.  Often known as “stomach flu” or “stomach bug”, Norovirus is easily spread, especially within large groups of people (ie. cruise ships, schools, stadiums, etc.).  Ensure your employees have proper training and food safety practices that can help to prevent these outbreaks. Click here for ways that food workers can help prevent norovirus from spreading.

• Transmission of foodborne pathogens from ill food workers to diners in restaurants is a common cause of foodborne illness outbreaks. Food facilities shall implement policies to prevent ill food employees from handling food or reporting to work while ill. Click here for the guideline on illness reporting requirements.

• Menu expansion and increasing points of service may require additional permits.  Check with your inspector to make sure all equipment and activities are approved well in advance of game day.

• If you are interested in bringing a food cart/truck/trailer in to Santa Clara County, you must obtain a permit to operate in this County.  The permitting process can take up to one month, so make sure to submit complete applications and schedule your inspections early.

• Temporary event applications and fees require direct submittal from a single coordinator for each event.  A complete application will expedite your approval.

• Due to the large volume of expected applications to process between January 4, 2016 to February 15, 2016, DEH encourages you to submit your event applications well in advance of the two week deadline. Please note that any event packets received within two weeks of the event may not be approved. Depending on staff availability, expedite fees may be charged to process late events. For each instance that a specialist must return to the event, a hourly fee of $219 will be assessed. All financial transactions must be made before 4:45pm on any business day.

• The key to success will be communication with your district inspector and the Department.  Contact your inspector directly or call our main line at 408-918-3400 and ask to speak with a desk duty inspector. We are here to support you in all that you need so that you don’t get benched on game day.