Bravo, to the city council of Santa Fe, New Mexico on changing the rules in the middle of the game (please note: I am rolling my eyes as I type this). So let’s take our restrictive food truck ordnance and make it more restrictive once we’ve had a chance to see how food trucks figure out operate within the rules.

SANTA FE, NM – A proposal working its way through Santa Fe City Council would expand limits on food trucks already in place near the Plaza to the Canyon Road area.

Last year, Santa Fe City Council approved the Vehicle Vendor Ordinance, which blocked vendors like food trucks from setting up near or on the Plaza, save for a few select spots.

In the months since, some of those vendors moved to the Canyon Road area to take advantage of the foot traffic there. That was problematic for some of the businesses and the city, because of the tight squeeze caused by those large food trucks.

Bonnie French, president of the Canyon Road Merchants Association, says in at least one case, a truck was set up in such a way where customers had to be served by walking into the road.

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