SARASOTA, FL – The Sarasota Food Truck Alliance has been battling for months to raise awareness about Sarasota city and county regulations that they say keeps them from being profitable.

“It is hurting our business!” says Tracy Shenkin, operator of the Southern Smoke BBQ food truck. “We live in Sarasota, our children go to school in Sarasota, but in order to make a living for ourselves we have to go to Tampa, St. Pete, and Largo. Currently Sarasota has the hardest laws in the country for food vendors.”

County official admitted the ordinance governing food trucks is out of date. The county did meet with Food Truck Alliance officials on Tuesday in hopes of updating some of the rules, but the alliance says the proposal on the table would require them to pay more than $280 every time they stop — it’s a permit fee the vendors say they can’t afford.

County official say they are still in the early stages of the process.

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