SAVANNAH, GA – The Savannah City Council on Thursday is set to consider new rules governing alcohol-serving establishments and food trucks, in addition to voting on public safety and streetscaping enhancements.

The food truck ordinance will add Savannah to the growing list of cities that have embraced the trendy industry. With the exception of the designated public spaces during limited hours and special events, the proposed ordinance requires food truck sales take place on private property in commercial, mixed-use, industrial and institutional zones. The sales must be at least 200 feet from a restaurant. The latest version of ordinance would require a 400-foot distance if the food truck provides temporary seating, said Susan Broker, director of the Savannah Citizen Office.

The city is still searching for a location where food trucks could cater to late-night downtown crowds when most restaurants have shut down, although they hope to have a site identified by the fall, Broker said.

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