SAVANNAH, GA – Jim Hood was driving to Fort Stewart on Thursday morning to operate his mobile hot dog business, The Naked Dog, along with a few food trucks. Hood uses a trailer for the business now but plans on upgrading to a food truck himself in anticipation of a new ordinance that would allow him to sell his gourmet hot dogs and sausages in Savannah’s city limits.

“I can’t wait,” Hood said.

Hood will have to wait a little longer as the city puts the final touches on an ordinance that will add Savannah to a growing number of other cities around the country that have embraced the food-truck craze.

After first presenting some proposed regulations to the previous Savannah City Council in August, the new mayor and aldermen got their first look at the updated ordinance in May.

The council’s reception was positive, although there were some questions and concerns that staff has since been working to address.

“We’re making progress,” said Susan Broker, director of the city’s Citizen Office. “We’re on the fast track.”

To prevent one concern that there would be a chaotic rush for some prime public spaces being offered, the city is planning on implementing a lottery similar to one employed in Atlanta, Broker said.

The selection process being considered would be held on a quarterly basis to provide the trucks an opportunity to operate in the designated areas downtown and in public parks.

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