wandering dago

Image from alloveralbany.com

SCHENECTADY, NY – After countless debates and an influx of commentary from critics and supporters alike, the operators of a The Wandering Dago food truck have decided to keep the word “dago” in its name.

The term has been considered a derogatory slur for Italians, originating from the days when Italian immigrants asked to be paid “as the day goes.” Brandon Snooks has explained, the ownership team had embraced an alternative definition of the word in an effort to reclaim it.

In the 18 days since the Wandering Dago food truck was kicked out of Saratoga Race Course for its name, owners Snooks and Andrea Loguidice have made national news, defended themselves on social media and conducted a poll on their Facebook page asking whether people think their name should be changed.

On Tuesday, they posted the following message on their Facebook page:

We think it is time — The name of our truck is not changing. Go take down Cracker Barrel or Guido’s Desserts perhaps. They have no problem with people hassling them. I was the Little Dago growing up and if people don’t like the name, they don’t have to do business with us. Make no mistake, we are not calling anyone a ‘Dago’ — that is a self-reference. If you are curious about a self-reference, listen to a rap song. We are Italian and Proud.

The post has received many likes and most comments have applauded the decision. Some commenters who identified themselves as having Italian heritage, however, said they were disappointed by the decision.