LEITH, SCOTLAND – For some people, putting the words “Scotland” and “street food” together may well conjure up images of a rundown van serving greasy burgers or breakfast rolls.

But organisers of the first Scottish Street Food Awards, taking place in Edinburgh, are hoping to shatter that view.

Over three days, more than a dozen street food vendors will be frying, grilling, baking, toasting, roasting and even freezing their produce at The Pitt, a street food and drinks market in Leith.

Two traders will qualify for the British awards in September.

One will be chosen by public vote while the second will be selected by a panel of expert chefs.

Organisers say the event can be seen as recognition that Scotland, which has seen a wave of new pop-up street food restaurants and venues start up in recent times, has finally joined Britain’s street food “revolution”.

British Street Food founder Richard Johnson, who organised the Scottish event in association with The Pitt, says it is long overdue.

“Scotland has advanced so much it now merits its own awards,” he explains.

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