SEA-TAC, WA – Food trucks at Sea-Tac Airport are harder to find this week than lost luggage.

On October 2, the airport began a three month pilot program to park food trucks in Sea-Tac’s cellphone waiting lot. They provided meals to drivers and others waiting to pick up passengers.

It lasted all of two weeks.

On October 13, the airport was sent a cease and desist letter by the city of SeaTac. Food trucks are not allowed in the city — and that includes the airport.

“We want to be a good neighbor and good partner so we shut down after we received the letter,” airport spokesman Perry Cooper said Tuesday.

“Bottom line is that the Port failed to coordinate with the city about their food truck program, (it slipped through the cracks) and by city ordinance, food trucks are not permitted in the city of SeaTac,” Deputy Mayor Pam Fernald wrote Tuesday in an email to The News Tribune.

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