Food trucks in Seattle saw long lines when the downtown area saw a power outage. It was no surprise to hear this since their restaurant competition would be forced to shut their doors. For the few that might have back up generators, they would have needed to use this power just to maintain their refrigeration so they didn’t lose their inventory.

SEATTLE, WA – Wednesday’s power outage in downtown Seattle had food trucks cashing in. The generator-powered trucks were ready to go when the power was out at lunch time.

Food trucks lined Occidental Park in Pioneer Square ready to feed workers who walked down the stairwells of dark buildings.

Public Health Seattle & King County requires restaurants to close when the power is out and sent out a tweet reminding restaurants and customers. That warning didn’t apply to food trucks.

“The longest line we’ve ever had,” said William Smith, of Delfino’s Chicago Style Pizza Food Truck. “We knew something was going on, and we looked out and saw all the power’s off.”

At the Chicken Over Rice Food Truck, worker Johnny Kittridge said they ran out of some ingredients and even had a worker run to their company kitchen to stock up.

“We turned around, and there was a hoard of people lining up all the way back to the other side of the street. It was crazy,” said Kittridge.

Eric Seeder and Andrew Bartlein work on the 12th floor of the Dexter Horton building and lost power.

“We figured our friends down here in the food trucks were pretty busy,” said Seeder.

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